Yoga Cyprus Holistic Centre, Meditation and Alternative Therapy

Sensatori Space yoga Cyprus is based on the island of Cyprus in Limassol, Our philosophy and goal is to raise awareness of holistic and complimentary therapies and to offer our clients a balanced healthcare approach that combines both natural and alternative therapies and exercise programs for their wellbeing, adding a bit of fun too and for a enhance quality of life..

With our free one hour consultation ay yoga Cyprus to see what is and what is not serving you in your life or simply enhancing where you are at for your spiritual growth at our community based centre, is the start and we will work with you every step of the way.

Our yoga Cyprus centre focuses on a person as a whole.  We promote self-exploration and growth, and addressing underlying issues behind blocks and not just a disorder as an individual issue.  We provide a safe and comfortable environment with a range of natural treatment options and facilities to ensure you feel secure in your surroundings.

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Sensatori Space yoga Cyprus we as well as enhancing where you are at, we can help others address a range of issues include dealing with depression, stress, anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders and any number of eating disorders.  We look at the treatment options and approaches most appropriate to you as an individual, but we also look at triggers and what makes your condition get worse, and how we can help prevent this.  Our natural therapeutic approach will include health, nutrition, and stress and anxiety management techniques. .

Yoga Cyprus


Detox is the first step for purifying the body at yoga Cyprus.  We can provide all the help that you need including natural medication if required, but also a safe and comfortable environment to detox in.  We offer a bespoke program for each individual based on their needs. including physical yoga movements for the internal conditions to aid the de cleanse.

Treatment Methods

The range of treatment options at Sensatori Space yoga Cyprus alternative community centre in Limassol vary dramatically and include alternative therapy as well as counselling and physical activities and treatments.  The fact that we only take a small number of clients at a time means that we can devote more time to what is working for you.

The Sensatori Space yoga Cyprus offers treatments for a comprehensive range of conditions and what is causing them in a relaxing environment on the coast of yoga Cyprus centre.  For more information on our Yoga Cyprus holistic centres and how we might help you or a loved one get in touch for an informal chat.