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Luxurious Residential  Centre for the Treatment of Trauma  and Addiction 


Sensatori Space stands as a testament to familial dedication, born from personal journeys and dedicated to addressing Trauma, Addiction, Depression, Anxiety, and other Mental Health conditions. Our residential programs span 30 to 90 days, offering intensive care and support.

At Sensatori, our focus is unwaveringly on the unique needs of each individual. Drawing from a broad spectrum of expertise, we listen intently to our clients, crafting an environment where they can feel secure and flourish. Our ultimate satisfaction lies in witnessing our clients depart, rejuvenated and emotionally equipped to navigate life’s challenges with newfound resilience.

Every member of our team brings their own life experiences to the table, chosen for their unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled care and support. The client remains the focal point of our endeavors.

Nestled in an elevated and secluded locale, our centre overlooks the Mediterranean Sea to the front and the Troodos Mountains to the rear. Each suite is meticulously tailored to meet the comfort needs of our clients, ensuring a restorative and tranquil environment.


Sensatori Space’s mission is to guide clients through recovery from a range of addictions, including substances like drugs and alcohol, co-dependency, social media/gaming, eating disorders (post-acute care), and smoking, alongside mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, personal disorder difficulties, trauma, and family systems issues.

We firmly believe that addiction and mental health challenges are often rooted in adverse life experiences. By addressing these traumas head-on, we not only tackle the core aspects of the individual but also have the opportunity to alleviate a wide array of symptoms and disorders.

In essence, if you’re grappling with mental health concerns or addiction, our team is equipped to assist you. If, however, we determine that our facility may not be the best fit for your needs, we’re committed to conducting a complimentary assessment and offering referrals to trusted treatment providers with whom we have established relationships.


Sensatori Space prides itself on its forefront position in addiction treatment.

Each member of the Sensatori Space team possesses a highly specialised skill set. Together, we empower our clients to enhance their quality of life, alleviate unnecessary pain, and reclaim their independence.

Our therapists have attained MA-level qualifications from renowned universities and boast extensive experience in addressing a spectrum of emotional, physical, and behavioural conditions. They continuously engage in research, evaluation, and the implementation of novel evidence-based practices that augment our clients’ treatment. Moreover, our programme director has played a pioneering role in advancing Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) as a therapeutic tool, both in the USA and Europe.


We believe that true clinical care must be holistic. Our programme applies a diverse set of evidence-based treatments to help move the mind, body, and spirit forward. Our team is diverse both in their treatment specialities, and their individual backgrounds create a culturally attuned atmosphere.

We believe that true clinical care must be person-centred. Working in smaller groups allows for the individualised care needed to truly see and understand client needs. Our clinical team has been selected and trained to meet the diverse needs of our clients and to ensure that the treatment needed is the treatment provided.


We recognise that seeking help can be challenging. Our admissions team empathises with this and strives to make you feel comfortable from the moment you reach out. They are readily available to address any queries you may have and alleviate any anxiety you might be experiencing. Taking the first step involves reaching out and requesting a professional assessment with one of our clinical team members.



Our pricing policy operates on a 30-day basis, and the necessary duration of your stay will be evaluated continuously by our clinical team.

Private En Suite Room €28,500

Prices are fully inclusive.

A typical stay at Sensatori is between 30 and 90 days