Sensatori Space Cyprus


Ameet Singh Braich is the clinical director at Sensatori Space. He is responsible for overseeing all interdisciplinary clinical practices and maintaining and improving standards of care. Ameet has more than 15 years of experience working with individuals and family members affected by anxiety, depression, trauma, substance dependence, process addictions (such as gambling, eating disorders and […]

Don Lavender, BA, MDiv

Don was born in Louisiana to descendants of Shamans of a Native American tribe. He grew up on a farm with his parents and four siblings, and, when the time was right, he decided to enter the priesthood and study theology. After, Don continued his studies and learned about addiction in New Orleans and Baton […]

Dr. Bernadette Veeger

Born in Uganda, Dr. Veeger was trained in Holland and Belgium, where she qualified and worked as a family doctor before relocating to Cyprus in 2003. She has worked as a GP here for over 15 years and has established her own practice in Andalucía. Along the way, she has had many diverse experiences working […]


Dr José completed his medical degree at Cyprus’s University of Cádiz before specialising in psychiatry in London, England. He has completed an additional specialism in forensic psychiatry and holds a Master’s degree in Addictions from the University of Valencia. He has practised as a psychiatrist for more than 15 years and has been a part […]