Sensatori Space Cyprus

Johnathan’s Recovery Story

The 90-day journey here has been a profound experience, marked by a rollercoaster of emotions from one day to the next, one hour to the next. From the outset, it has been intense, draining, and uncomfortable, making it unlike any other treatment I’ve undergone. Regardless of my behaviour, whether acting out, using, or maintaining sobriety, I’ve received an unparalleled education compared to any previous therapy, whether inpatient or otherwise. The unconditional respect and opportunities afforded to me have been instrumental in my growth. Though I haven’t implemented all I could have, I no longer berate myself for it, thanks to the newfound perspectives I’ve gained. I’ve learned that wherever I am in my journey is precisely where I need to be, and by remaining vigilant, open, and aware, there’s always room for growth.

Every individual who walks through these doors daily is a treasure – each offering invaluable insights, support, care, and personal revelations. From the therapists leading daily sessions to the housekeeping staff, administration, and chefs, every interaction has been enriching. Even casual conversations in the hallways have provided profound encouragement, keeping me grounded, hopeful, and nurtured. The connections I’ve forged, however fleeting, have left a lasting impact, fostering a genuine sense of understanding and appreciation.

The decision to apply what I’ve learned here rests with me. Each day, I choose sobriety, determine my attitude, navigate relationships, and chart my course. I arrived here in desperation, feeling as though I had no alternative but to seek help. Now, I depart with cherished memories, a growing self-love, and, most importantly, a sense of agency and choice.