Sensatori Space Cyprus

Louise’s Recovery Story

As I crossed the threshold into Sensatori Space, I felt utterly lost, perhaps irretrievably so, both as a case and as a person.

Fear, anxiety, anger, and shame consumed me.

Internally, I battled against myself and against the world, oblivious to the depth of emotions gnawing at my soul and spirit. Doubt, both in myself and in yet another round of treatment, clouded my mind.

Despair, desperation, disillusionment, and spiritual emptiness were my constant companions. For three long years, I clung to existence, mired in the quicksand of addiction, both chemical and behavioural.

And for fifteen years prior, I drifted aimlessly through life, blind to the perilous path I tread, cocooned in numbing behaviours, pills, thoughts, and liquids.

The individuals at Sensatori Space, each and every one of them, every interaction over those 90 days, breathed life back into me. They rescued me, though they would insist I did the work. Perhaps. Yet, without their open doors, compassionate hearts, and embracing arms, without the sanctuary of judgement-free care, understanding, and professionalism, I could never have embarked on this transformative emotional journey.

The therapeutic approach of the core team at Sensatori Space, coupled with their wealth of knowledge and experience, not only in addiction but in every facet of human emotion and cognition underlying and triggering addiction, proved profoundly effective.

Recovery, once daunting, is now a source of joy – a new, healthier, and fulfilling way of life. Emerging from Sensatori Space, I found the transition manageable, the weight of my shameful memories and past traumas considerably lighter thanks to EMDR, one-to-one and group therapies. Equine, wellness, spiritual, and artistic practices shattered my walls of stubbornness and self-righteousness, revealing the potential for a richer, more vibrant existence.

I have uncovered a life beyond substance addiction and self-destructive tendencies, one brimming with possibility and joy.

Now, as I gaze into my daughter’s eyes, I see her radiance, her happiness, knowing I am present, emotionally available for her and for those I cherish. Maintaining this momentum is my daily commitment; it demands energy, investment, and dedication. Yet, I choose to channel my energy into the pursuit of glorious, peaceful days of recovery, forsaking the darkness of isolation and substance dependency.