Sensatori Space Cyprus

Sarah’s Recovery Story

My time at Sensatori Space ignited a spark of hope within me. Arriving in the depths of relapse, consumed by crippling anxiety and entrenched denial of my addiction, I harboured a bleak outlook for my future. Initially resistant to the programme, the unwavering support of my peers and the dedicated staff gradually illuminated the path towards a brighter, sober existence.

From the outset, the warm and welcoming atmosphere enveloped me, fostering a sense of comfort and safety. The serene surroundings further contributed to the nurturing environment, emboldening me to confront the challenges of recovery head-on. The therapeutic team exhibited exceptional professionalism and maturity, guiding me with expertise and empathy.

In just four weeks, I made more strides towards lasting recovery than I had in the entire eight weeks spent at my previous treatment centre. What stood out most was the innovative approach that complemented traditional group therapy. Engaging in techniques such as equine therapy and metaphoric games provided profound insights into my relationships and instilled in me a newfound enthusiasm for the future.

I wholeheartedly endorse Sensatori Space to anyone committed to achieving a quality recovery journey.