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At Sensatori Space, we hold the belief that testimonials from our alumni serve as genuine reflections of our dedication to excellence. Below, you’ll find some of our most recent recovery stories. Hearing from former clients whose lives have been transformed brings us immense joy.

I am forever indebted to this place—it saved my life.


I arrived at Sensatori Space burdened by PTSD, feeling overwhelmed. Now, as I depart, I do so with a sense of contentment, peace, and renewed confidence. I am deeply grateful to the entire staff for their unwavering support throughout my journey. Their assistance has been invaluable in numerous ways. Thank you, Sensatori Space, for illuminating the path to healing for me.

TERESA - Israel

Sensatori Space and everyone involved have shown incredible kindness and support during my time here. As I prepare to leave, I carry with me a newfound confidence, a deeper understanding of myself, and the essential tools to sustain my journey towards recovery. I am genuinely grateful to each and every person who has contributed to my experience here (yes, even Chris!). Thank you all.

JULIA - Ukraine

You’ve changed my life and my family’s forever. Thank you for rescuing me.

Amy (21 YEARS Old)

Thank you! Thank you for everything! Thank you!


Sensatori Space has truly transformed my life! Before arriving here, I was engulfed in darkness and pain. However, through their comprehensive programme and exceptional staff, I found a safe and nurturing environment to embark on genuine self-discovery. I’ve acquired invaluable insights about myself and others, along with tools and wisdom that will guide me forward on my journey with light and love.

Beth - Germany

This week, I’ve been utterly impressed by Sensatori Space and its family programme. The team’s compassion and expertise, coupled with the dignity, respect, and kindness shown to clients and participants, have left me deeply moved.

Jenny - UK

Arriving at Sensatori Space, I stood on the brink of losing the most precious relationships in my life. Through the treatment received here, I have undergone a profound transformation. Emotions once buried have resurfaced, and I am now dedicated to a path of recovery. I am once again emotionally present for the loved ones in my life. Choosing to come here was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

George - Nicosia

Having recently visited Sensatori Space, I consider it a privilege to have gained insight into how treatment facilities care for and heal their clients. My experience there revealed a remarkable level of transparency, with methodologies and the team delivering them characterised by authenticity, dedication, and ability. I left feeling refreshed and invigorated myself.

At Sensatori, the client truly comes first—a sentiment I do not express lightly. Every team member remains open, agile, and creative in their approach to delivering the wisdom and care vital to those grappling with deeply complex issues.

Utilising a range of modalities, from insightful clinical support to deeply empathetic work, I witnessed firsthand the spectrum of care in action, particularly during an equine therapy session. Sensatori firmly believes in the power of this work, evident in Ben (Clinical Director) as he fostered a safe, supportive space for a client to navigate apprehension and discomfort alongside the horse’s pure experience—an essential component of any effective journey of recovery.

However, it’s not solely the team and their hard work that support clients in their recovery. The location and venue provide the ideal backdrop for the serenity required to tackle the challenges ahead. Nestled amidst coast and mountainous seclusion, the venue, beautifully designed and built, authentically becomes a trusted home during the healing process.


It’s heartwarming to hear such wonderful news about Akmed’s progress and future plans. We’re deeply touched by your kind words and grateful for the opportunity to have played a part in his journey towards recovery and personal growth.

Witnessing Akmed’s transformation into the best version of himself is truly remarkable. His positivity, sociability, and energy are a testament to his resilience and determination. We’re honoured to have been able to support him along the way.

As he embarks on this exciting new chapter of volunteer work and further education, we have every confidence in his ability to navigate any challenges that come his way. His resilience and newfound skills will undoubtedly serve him well.

Please know that the impact your family’s gratitude has on us is immeasurable. We cherish the memories of our time together and wish Akmed nothing but continued success and happiness in all his endeavours. Thank you for entrusting us with his care, and please do not hesitate to reach out if ever you need support in the future.


Working in the mental health field and having the opportunity to visit treatment centres worldwide, I’ve observed that what sets one establishment apart from another is often the efforts of the team members responsible for creating and delivering rehabilitation programmes. In this regard, Sensatori Space stands out.

The approach taken by Sensatori is both sophisticated and personal, incorporating proven techniques delivered with empathy, understanding, and genuine care for those in need. This commitment to transforming lives is palpable among every member of the Sensatori team.

I had the privilege of witnessing the transformative power of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy firsthand. Witnessing a peer in early recovery learn to trust, build rapport, and be present for another being was a magical moment for all involved. It was a powerful demonstration of the deep connection and healing potential found in this modality.

Combined with a clinical programme featuring cutting-edge treatments, a variety of wellness activities, luxurious facilities, and the breathtaking Mediterranean setting, Sensatori Space truly stands as a unique and remarkable place for healing.


I came to Sensatori Space suffering from PTSD. I was in a bad way and I am leaving very content, peaceful and with much more confidence. I am very grateful to all the staff who have helped me throughout my stay. So helpful in so many ways. Thank you Sensatori Space for showing me the light.


I am indebted and owe my life to this place… it saved me.


Thank you! Thank you for everything! Thank you!



The heartfelt appreciation we receive from family members serves as a constant affirmation of the importance and meaning behind the work we undertake here.

Below are a selection of the kind words we’ve received from the loved ones of our clients. We feel privileged to be a part of their healing journey and consider it a true honour. In sharing their words, we honour their bravery and strength.