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Eating Disorder Treatment


When looking at eating disorders there is invariably a history of life-shaping events such as trauma that has affected thought and behaviour. These self-defeating patterns are created by the individual primarily as a way of coping. This ‘unique fingerprint’ means that there is a need for a bespoke treatment plan Bespoke Treatment And Recovery. These behaviours need to be addressed as part of the healing process. At Sensatori Space, we draw on a combination of the following to create that plan:


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Eating disorders are characterised by repetitive, unhealthy patterns of thinking and behaviour relating to nutrition, body image, body mass and consumption of food.

It is important to appreciate that there is always a psychological and emotional component.

Fear, anxiety, shame and control play a major role. They involve certain rituals that, when repeated, have a binding and stabilising effect, resulting in a temporary sense of relief from anxiety.

Eating disorders are so powerful because they tie into numerous centres and pathways of the brain. Our sense of identity, safety, comfort, shame, secrecy, control, pleasure, confidence, sexuality, achievement/success, purity, cleanliness, purgation, atonement, sacrifice and piousness are just some of the facets of ourselves that are affected by our relationship to food and eating habits.

The most common eating disorders, such as compulsive overeating, binge eating, bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa, significantly impact the body’s ability to receive proper or adequate nutrition.

This invariably results in adverse effects on a person’s physical, emotional and mental health. More often than not, this affects not only the individual but impacts on those around them.

These conditions can sometimes remain hidden or ignored for long periods. The result of this is that the problem progresses and becomes more severe.


Here at the Sensatori Space, we have a dedicated team of professionals who are well-versed in eating disorders and how to recover from them.

We offer a diverse spectrum of therapeutic interventions carried out by a multidisciplinary and highly experienced team motivated by a desire to help.

Paramount in the process is that each client is treated with empathy, dignity and respect. We appreciate that everyone has individual needs and the sophistication of our team enables us to select treatments best suited to the individual.

This is all done in a luxurious and non-clinical environment in order to reduce distress and enhance the experience.

At Sensatori Space, we want to ensure that you receive the most appropriate treatment for you. Therefore, an initial assessment of your needs helps us to establish whether we are an appropriate fit.

There may be circumstances in which we feel ethically bound to refer you to a facility more suited to your individual needs. Call us to find out more about how we can help.


While we regularly work with eating-disordered clients, we may initially recommend a centre specialising in acute eating disorders before coming to Sensatori Space to address the emotional work.

Though we fully understand the nature of eating disorder treatment, we are not a primary acute-care eating disorder treatment facility. A specialised centre will teach the mechanics needed, such as food management, weight monitoring and a nutritional understanding of food.

With these basics in place, we can then address the underlying issues in a much more effective manner.